Pasta Sauce


Delicious and fresh homemade pasta sauce made from my grandfather’s secret recipe! Available in 4 flavors, Lou’s Segreto, Dina’s Miele, Lisa’s Ubriaco, and Shirley’s Fuoco!

Lou’s Segreto – Lucky Lou Zam’s secret original recipe! A few fresh ingredients give a bold flavor.

Dina’s Miele – A sweet start with a fresh tomato finish.

Shirley’s Fuoco – A fiery secret is added to Lou’s Segreto to awaken the senses!

Lisa’s Ubriaco – Creamy, rich with flavor and with a splash of vodka, this sauce will liven up any dish!

Sauces are available in 2 sizes; pint  and quart.

⭐Lous Segreto Pint    ITEM: SC27 $7.00
⭐Lous Segreto Quart ITEM: SC26 $12.00
⭐Dina’s Miele Pint      ITEM: SC25 $7.00
⭐Dina’s Miele Quart   ITEM: SC24 $12.00
⭐Shirley’s Fuoco Pint ITEM: SC23 $7.00
⭐Shirley’s Fuoco Quart ITEM:SC22 $12.00
⭐Lisa’s Ubriaco Pint ITEM: SC21 $7.00
⭐Lisa’s Ubriaco Quart ITEM: SC20 $12.00