First Come, First Serve!

First come, first serve!

Been in the kitchen the past couple of days and have a few items up for grabs! This will be on a first come, first serve basis. I do have more than one of some items. Text me to grab yours! (Delivery available in Ocean Beach only.)


A. $25 Mini Cake = Vanilla butter cake,  strawberry buttercream, chocolate ganache, edible flowers, white chocolate shards, and other assorted toppings. Surprise someone special with a sweet treat for just the two of you!

B. $5 Decorated Easter Egg Sugar Cookies = 3 cookies

C. $5 Decorated Lucky Clover Sugar Cookies = 3 cookies

D. $5 3D Pot O’ Gold Sugar Cookie = 1 cookie

E. $5 Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies =  7 cookies

F. $8 Pint Jar Honey Lavender Rainbow Carrots

G. $8 Pint Jar Marinated Romanesco Cauliflower

H. $7 Pint Jar Lou’s Segreto Pasta Sauce

I. $7 Pint Jar Dina’s Miele Pasta Sauce